Behind Pain, anxiety and chronic illness

Saturday February 24th, 2018 - 9:30am - 4:30pm

A body-mind workshop for relief and transformation of pain.


This introductory, experiential, one-day workshop will bring together cutting edge mind-body, body-mind medicine and introduce emerging models of health care interventions. Those with unresolved issues such as re-occurring pain, digestive disturbances and other body symptoms that cannot be explained will find relief using the tools and techniques learned at this workshop. The day will cover practical application of the mind-body body-mind methods.


  • Define what mind-body body-mind medicine encompasses
  • Somatic techniques to move past and resolve pain
  • How to overcome emotional and stress behaviours
  • Awakening of the innate intelligence of the body


headshot tarnie.jpg

Tarnie Fulloon is an Australian trained physiotherapist, with her Masters of Arts in Psychology and Somatic Movement certification. Tarnie makes her home in Los Angeles, where she works as a Somatic Pain Therapist and Transformational Life Coach. She is also a speaker (TEDx), author, presenter at multiple workshops, retreats and conferences as well as featured guest on numerous international podcasts, radio and television interviews.  Her new book “Beyond Pain” will be released in 2018. Using her signature BodyFreedom™ method, she guides her clients through body-centered and somatic practices to discover the hidden causes of their pain and anxiety. With a focus on back and neck pain, she mentors clients to find the freedom from their pain, and live with confidence, calmness, and joy.

  • Introduction and experience of mind-body body-mind tools
  • Somatic-based therapy
  • Mindful-based interventions
  • The importance of experiential learning
  • Specific techniques to work with in transforming pain, anxiety and illness
  • Food for pain reduction


This workshop is relevant to all health care practitioners, wellness advocates and those ready for pain relief.

Clinical examples will be shared.