The Sequence:  SPARK the fire within. Burn away the stress and toxins.  Purify body and mind.  Together we forge from fire.  Our Fire sequence will strengthen you with heat and Hatha. A set combination of static postures, focused on alignment, construction, detox, and form. The perfectly paced longer holds and cued adjustments will work your insides while your outsides sweat and drip in gratitude.  

What To Expect:  This beautiful burning sequence drawn from the Ghosh lineage is set to the sound of practiced breathing, sweat dripping,  and a precise 105 degrees / 40% relative humidity.

Start in child’s pose, all 4’s - Down dog - Standing and awkward series - 3 Warrior flows - Abs - Back bends - Front Bends - Stretches - 5 min Savasana

What To Expect: Series of static postures held for 30-60 seconds. Hot room - 105F / 40% RH, no music. Sequence is always the same

How to Prepare: Please no eating 2 hours before class.  Dress to sweat. Bring mat, towel and water.