One Life Yoga was founded by Reza Samadi and Samy Rose to be a celebration of yoga life. We draw inspiration from our shared experience and love of the practice, lifestyle and tradition of yoga. Informed by nature, our bodies and organic movements, and set to the rhythm of the modern, urban environment we live in, we are excited to introduce ourselves through our yoga to the broader Pasadena and Altadena community! Our intention is to create a yoga and community space for all people, of all faiths, colors, shapes and sizes, creeds and orientations. WE ARE ONE LIFE.


Reza Samadi

Founder, Reza Samadi came to yoga 8 years ago as a way to balance the stresses of his former corporate life. A self-confessed beginner, Reza was inspired to create One Life Yoga as a place for everybody and every body. Whether as a newcomer to yoga or a seasoned yogi, the intention is to create a space where above all you are welcome as you are. He sees yoga as an evolving process: Small and steady steps that bring comfort, relaxation and happiness not as a destination but as a journey.


Samy Rose

Samy Rose is one of the co-founders of One Life Yoga.  She is a free-spirited yoga teacher, healer, activist, philanthropists, vegan, lightworker, and dream-maker.   She finds peace in creative expression, music, dance, nature, adventure, and of course, within.  Her creative fire is further sparked through her time spent healing and facilitating self-love and connection through her company Glitter Vibe Tribe by raising awareness, taking action, and helping good causes with environmentally-friendly glitter.  She loves her time in nature with her best friend and wolf-dog, Lilly.



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Laura                                      (yin yoga/hatha yoga)

Laura’s dedication and teaching of yoga began with vinyasa and hatha.  As she fell deeper in love with the calmness and clarity yoga brought her physically and mentally, she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a Yoga instructor.  She continues to deepen the self-awareness and self-love yoga has given her through her daily practice, and teaches so that she may guide others to do the same.


Whitney Ullom (Meditation/Breathwork)

Whitney is a Meditation teacher, Reiki healer, Breathwork facilitator, and also works in other modalities of energy healing. Her journey of self-discovery through inner awareness and spirituality began  5 years ago. Her search for deep meaning and relief from anxiety and suffering, led her to spiritual teachers and eventually to becoming a teacher herself.   


Jenny                                 (WT/teacher)

I've been practicing yoga in many forms
for 23 years on and off. After a debilitating
fall at my job as a flight attendant over 10 years ago, I found the strength to completely rehabilitate my body through dedicated yogic practice and various gurus to guide me through a physical and personal metamorphoses.


Alexandra Reed  (YIN YOga/ Vinyasa FLOW)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, this Pasadena local began her yoga path 8 years ago. SHe is RYT certification through the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara.  She roots with continuous practice and deepening her yoga knowledge.  She shares her Light with kids certified through Zooga Yoga, .always in blossom  Alex happily teaches, learns, and absorbs yoga whenever she can.