At One Life Yoga we welcome everyone, regardless of level - it's all about YOUR personal journey. Yoga is a tool to help you get to where you want to go and build a lifestyle that supports continual mind and body health and well being. We offer a variety of ways to participate at One Life Yoga - whether you drop in casually for classes or workshops, or join as a member for a month or longer, you are always welcome to experience our holistic and comprehensive approach. We encourage you to join today!


INTRO MONTH SPECIAL: 30 Days Unlimited Yoga + Meditation - $39

You got to start somewhere... Start your practice off with 30 days of unlimited yoga and meditation. Get in where you fit in. Try our wide variety of classes and see what works for you then make a commitment to your highest self and double down with full membership.



Yoga + Meditation Memberships

Experience the complete One Life Yoga lifestyle! Monthly Memberships are the best value by far and the easiest way to enjoy everything we have to offer.  

Monthly membership includes: Unlimited yoga and meditation classes, discounts on our workshops and events, and all the benefits of One Life Yoga!


OUR BEST VALUE: 1 Year Unlimited Yoga + Meditation  = $1296 ****NOW $999/month for a limited time only

Less than $84/month or $9/class when you use your membership 10x per month. 

OUR EASIEST TO MANAGE: 1 Month Unlimited Yoga + Meditation with AutoPay = $125/month

*********NOW $99/month for a limited time only 

The ultimate subscription to truly change your life. Set it and go with autopay, so your yoga is always there when you need it. Become a Founding Member and get this extraordinary price for life when you sign up now! Limited Availability. 

Less than $10/class when you use your membership 10x per month.


1 Month Unlimited Yoga and Meditation: $145

No commitment necessary - 30 days of unlimited yoga and meditation on your schedule. 

Less than $15/class when you use your membership 10x per month.

90 Days Unlimited Yoga and Meditation: $399 

More commitment = more savings. It takes 66 days to form a habit, 90 days to change your life.

Less than $14/class when you use your membership 10x per month.


Class Packs

Class Packs can be used for any yoga or meditation class. The bigger the pack, the bigger the savings.

Individual Yoga and Meditation Drop-in Classes are available for $20.

Click here to view our schedule and sign up for a class!