The Sequence: This all-element, all- encompassing sequence is designed for our One Life: with sparkling fire, cleansing water, grounding earth, and all the air we can breathe!  Combining the flow of vinyasa, static postures, grounding stretches and uplifting meditation through breathwork, our practice is set in a heated room to music. Everything you need and in-between.

What To Expect: Specially designed and regulated room heated at approximately 103 degrees with humidity between 30-40%. This enables deeper muscle stretch and detoxification. The class includes the practice of static standing poses, a series of flow postures set to music, and floor stretching.  Each posture is designed and sequenced to build strength, flexibility and balance, improve posture and focus, and reduce stress.

How to Prepare: Dress to sweat, be well-hydrated, and prepared for this all-levels all-inclusive class.