Five Practices.  One Life.


Our lives - bodies, minds and all the moving pieces that make up our existence - can often become out of balance.  Stress can plague our existence and truly damage our health and well-being. Yoga is the union of breath and movement - mind to body - that stills and settles that chaos. It is a way back to that rhythm and groove that we all know and love.

At One Life Yoga, we've developed our core practice structure as a response.

Four elemental "practices" - Earth, Air, Fire, Water - to address where you are today and help bring you back into balance. One core sequence to assess progress and come back to time and time again.

We honor our mind, body, spirit and heart in the same manner we honor all of the elements and how we are influenced by them. Each of our practices are designed to be an expression of nature and together creates a foundation that deepens with our experience over time.   

Fire - A forging, alignment based practice influenced by the Ghosh/Bikram lineage and an attention to individual Hatha postures held and repeated. Expect a hot and humid room. Bring a towel mat to avoid slipping.

Water - A flowing, movement based practice based in Vinyasa/Flow styles of yoga and the evolution of Sun Salutation/Warrior sequences. Medium heat. Bring a towel mat.

Earth - A grounding, supportive practice from the Yin/Restorative tradition with deep stretches, floor poses and long, extended holds. No heat (except that from within).

Air - An energetic practice inspired by the Kundalini and Breathwork. Intuitive movement, pranayama breathing, mantras and mudhas.  No heat (except that from within).

One Life - A structured sequence incorporating elements from all our yoga styles that you can return to again and again. A basis and flow with which to learn and grow your practice over time. Step by step and pose by pose. Medium to High heat. Bring a towel mat