Our lives - bodies, minds and all the moving pieces that make up our existence - can often become out of balance.  Stress and anxiety can plague our existence and truly damage our health and well-being. Yoga is the union of breath and movement - mind to body - that stills and settles that chaos. It is a way back to that rhythm and groove that we all know and love.

At One Life Yoga, we've developed our core practice as a response:

Four elemental “core practices" - Earth, Air, Fire, Water - to address where you are today and help bring you back into balance. Several other practices to delve into deeper needs.

We honor our mind, body, spirit and heart in the same manner we honor all of the elements and how we are influenced by them. Each of our core practices are designed to be an expression of nature and together creates a foundation that deepens with our experience over time.   

Fire - A forging, strength building and alignment based practice influenced by the Ghosh/Bikram lineage. Individual Hatha postures held and repeated. Expect a hot and humid room - (105F 40% RH). Bring a towel mat to avoid slipping.

Water - A flowing, movement and breath based practice in the modern postural Vinyasa/Flow styles of yoga and the Krishnamacharya/Shivananda lineages. Evolving sequences of Sun Salutations, Warrior postures and asanas (poses) designed to build strength and flexibility. Classes are either heat or not as denoted on the schedule. Bring a towel mat to the heated classes to avoid slipping.

Earth - A grounding, supportive practice from the Yin + Restorative tradition. Less movement with deep stretches, floor poses and long, extended holds to open space and flexibility over time. Classes are either non-heated or treated with infrared to gently warm the body.

Air - An energetic practice inspired by the Kundalini tradition. Fast, intuitive movements with pranayama breathing, mantras and mudras. No heat (except that agni from within).

One Life - A structured sequence incorporating elements from various yoga traditions that you can return to again and again. A basis and flow with which to learn and grow your practice over time. Step by step and pose by pose. Offered as both a Beginner No Heat class and a regular Heated class. Bring a towel mat to the heated classes to avoid slipping.

Space - Develop space within the body through this yang/yin inspired Hatha class with focus on twists, openings and charging the internal energy paths (nadis and meridians).

Static Fusion Flow - A fusion of both static hatha and vinyasa flow. Build core strength and work-out through this active practice.

Bhakti - A more spirited practice incorporating mantra and devotional aspects from the Bhakti tradition into a flow class that will uplift and celebrate your life.