The Sequence: CLEANSE with water and flow.  Flow, refresh, and reset.  Power, flow, and learn to move with the tide. This watery sequence nourishes every cell of the body through a gentle exodus of our toxins through sweat and eliminative systems.  Our water sequence rolls through interval pacing, lapping the shores, smooth like a river, and peaking at the crest of the wave. Each phase reminds us to breathe, move and take each day as a new opportunity to grow. Vinyasa flow, heart and back openings and deep savasana. The heat follows the arc of the sequence and builds from within.

What To Expect: Moving, fluid dynamic series of physical postures. Room may be heated or not heated depending on instructor. 

Lots of vinyasas and warrior poses, followed by stretches and deep savasana.

How to Prepare: Dress to sweat. Bring Mat, Towel and Water