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Face Yoga with Koko Hayashi

Face Yoga with Koko Hayashi

Anti-sagging | Alternative Medicine | Firming

Thursday February 22, 2018 || 8:00 pm

FACE IT (with One Life Yoga!)  Because you want to know more :) 

Wake up your facial muscles with anti-sagging stretching...a great alternative to botox or plastic surgery and helps with wrinkle reduction!

In Koko's Word's:

Face Yoga is a great natural alternative to botox or plastic surgery. Did you know that only 20% of the facial muscles are actively used by regular facial expressions? So the rest 80% are just attached on skull and start sagging with gravity and age.

The idea of Face Yoga is to wake up those sleeping muscles for anti-sagging. You will also learn how to train and stretch your facial muscles, which improves skin's elasticity and helps wrinkle reduction. Learn how to control your facial muscles and own them!

Learn More... watch this video

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