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We Are One Life

One Life Yoga is so much more than your typical yoga studio.

Offering Yoga + Meditation + Soundbaths + Workshops + Community Events, we are here for your entire yoga lifestyle.

Connect with us on an intro, a drop-in class or at one of our workshops or events - all you need to do is take the first step.


$39 Intro Deal:

Unlimited Yoga + Meditation for 3 weeks


Set it and go - Autopay Memberships start at $49/month

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Yoga for Beginners Workshop Series begins June 8th

Start your Yoga practice strong and gain the insights to carry on building over time!

If you are new to yoga or coming back and want to build a strong foundation, then this is the place for you!


Give the Gift of Yoga

We now offer Gift Cards through Gift Fly! Check them out and give someone the gift of body + mind health and wellness!

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To share the holistic benefits of yoga through consistent practice, community and connection.



Our workshops are an opportunity to deepen your understanding of endless topics or yourself. We are honored to have so many gifted speakers, teachers, facilitators, healers, and instructors share their knowledge and gifts at One Life Yoga. 

Keep up to date with our calendar to learn about the wide variety of workshops that cycle through and please get your ticket 48 hours in advance for early bird pricing. Members - best pricing is always available to you through the ONE LIFE YOGA app! 

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Our bodies, minds and lives, all the moving pieces that make up our existence, are constantly in flux, ever-changing, often chaotic and often out of balance. In yoga we find a lifestyle that forms from a physical practice of breath and movement, and blossoms into a profound realization and connection to the self, community and universe. Yoga has the power to settle our restless nature and provide us the space to truly reconnect with ourselves and each other.  

Find your Yoga – Find Your Mat – Find your Self


One Life Yoga Meditation

It wouldn't be yoga without meditation. Control and preparation of the physical body provides space for the stillness of mind - the stilling of the mind provides space for connection to self and to your Source, whatever that might be. Enhance your practice with us. Experience stillness, focus and profound realizations with our varied meditation classes ranging from evening candlelit meditations to yoga nidra and beyond. 

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