One Life Yoga was founded to be a celebration of yoga life. We draw inspiration from our shared experience and love of the practice, lifestyle and tradition of yoga. Informed by nature, our bodies and organic movements, and set to the rhythm of the modern, urban environment we live in, we are excited to introduce ourselves through our yoga to the broader Pasadena and Altadena community! Our intention is to create a yoga and community space for all people, of all faiths, colors, shapes and sizes, creeds and orientations. WE ARE ONE LIFE.



Reza Samadi


Reza found yoga 10 years ago as a way to balance the stresses of his corporate life. A self-confessed beginner, Reza was inspired to create One Life Yoga as a place for everybody and every body. Whether as a newcomer to yoga or a seasoned yogi, the intention is to create a space where above all you are welcome as you are. He sees yoga as an evolving process: Small and steady steps that bring comfort, relaxation and happiness not as a destination but as a journey and practice.


Lizzie pereira


Lizzie’s immersion in all things Nourishment is driven by her pursuit in fostering a deeper, more loving connection to herself and others.

Her journey led her to Bali where she studied Elemental Yoga. This Hatha style of yoga is based on how Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit make up the energies within our bodies. Harmoniously aligning yoga asana with the magnetic potency of nature, her classes aim at honoring and nurturing the body while reaffirming our connection to the Elements. Lizzie also infuses mantra and music into her classes through her harmonium studies to further enhance her yoga experiences.