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Sundays are for Soundbaths

We are in love with our Sound Baths, and we want to share this ultimate experience with you. 

Every Sunday at 8pm, we host Sundays are for Soundbaths - a weekly Sound Bath led by a different guest practitioner each week. A Sound Bath is an immersive sound-guided meditation that taps into the subconscious to aid the body and mind in finding deep relaxation, restoration and renewal. As we relax, we release what is no longer serving and connect to what is really important, revealing truths and answers that too often are buried in our relentless activity and overthinking. Simply lie back and let the waves of sound do the hard work.  Relax away the week and find yourself renewed for the week ahead. 








This summer we want to make it easy than ever to experience a soundbath for the first time and to share that experience with others. For a limited time we are offering a special Bring a Friend ticket - 2 tickets for $45 - save $15 over door price by purchasing your 2 tickets in advance. To make it even easier, you can even purchase your tickets NOW and use them for any soundbath you like from now through the end of February. 

February Soundbath Lineup


February 11th: Heart Activated Sensory Bath with Avatara

Join us in this luxurious heart clearing and expansion! Learn about the immense power and intelligence your heart carries, and how this frequency touches others while changing the world around you. 

Modalities we will use to deepen our practice:

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Oils | Crystals | Reiki

432Hz Sound Healing | Guided Clearing 

Heart Activation Meditation | Affirmation Creation/ Resolution Re-kindling 


February 18th: Sacral Sounds with Helane Anderson

Similar to a shamanic journey, this improvised music and sound experience helps facilitate access to higher levels of relaxation and consciousness using various crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and Helane's own voice to create a deeply healing state.

Drawn to the power of music at an early age, Helane focuses her musical gifts with an intent to heal and activate people to create deep relaxed states, release stress and trauma and to activate one’s true potential. She holds a certificate in Sound Healing and Sound Therapy from the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco and is also a trained classical singer and pianist.


February 25th: 

Experience total relaxation, release stress and renew your mind, body and spirit through this intuitively prescribed sound and vibration session led by Spirit Metacine playing crystal bowls and planetary gongs.

Shane (of Spirit Metacine) is a California-based Master Sound Alchemist residing in Santa Barbara, CA.  After self-inducing a kundalini awakening in Dec. 2011, he has traveled throughout the country for the last 5 years offering his 432hz Spirit Metacine in the passionate belief of unifying the body, mind, and spirit through the healing arts.