At One Life Yoga, we are committed to sharing the holistic benefit of yoga with all. We are honored and excited to offer classes, workshops, retreats, coaching and community to support your journey.

Our style and philosophy is an integrated, non-dogmatic expression of yoga. We are influenced by a study of various Hatha yoga practices including vinyasa, Ghosh lineage and Kundalini. We practice an "all of the above" approach to yoga - physical poses intertwined with the benefit of breath and meditation - and invite you to enter from any point you like: physical, spiritual or pure curiosity. See how a 75 minute class, 3 times a week can change your life forever!

We believe yoga is for everybody and every body.

We are committed to sharing yoga and meditation with all.  Our studio space is designed with both the physical and metaphysical practice in mind, and serves as a community gathering space for well-being.

We teach the asana practice as a tool to achieve a physiological, psychological and emotional benefit. As we practice we receive that benefit through breath, sweat and movement. There is no "perfect" expression of a posture, except that which avoids injury and prolongs a healthy life.

Yoga is an all-encompassing lifestyle that provides physical growth, healing and prevention of injury, while addressing the non-physical aspects of the mind and spirit.

We have created the place: a calm, welcoming environment with the staff, location, community and resources to honor all things yoga.

We are curating the vibe: to explore new and different interests, attend to and challenge all levels, and reveal our highest selves.

We share the practice: ancient knowledge, modern practice and techniques with integrity and accessibility for everybody and every body.