The benefits of yoga are endless. 

Benefit of Breath - Just breathe - Oxygen invigorates and energizes. Prana (life force) is circulated through out. The breath is a tangible reminder and point of connection that assists with mind/body awareness. Pranayama practice strengthens the muscles that support the respiratory system. 

Benefit of Sweat - Strengthen bone to skin - Heat provides pliability and flexibility for achy bodies. Sweat supports the eliminative system, removes toxins, Our elevated heart and breath rate supports cardiovascular health and moves freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients through our body.

Benefit of Balance - Falling and catching constantly - Upward and downward energy pulls the body in different directions strengthening the muscular and skeletal system.  Micromovements address the minor muscle groups, blood and lymphatic system. Mentally, we observe the benefit of continuous learning and the moment of balance.

Benefit of Connection - We are One Life - Take yoga off the mat. Live the lifestyle and find a community that supports you. Longevity and well-being is an outward and inward expression. Heal together. Join us for classes and workshops plus special community events, healing group-work and personal coaching.